Ease of Use

We make it easy for employers to sign-up through their benefits advisor or directly with Beacon HealthCare. The application was designed to be flexible for employer’s changing needs and connects all engaged users in a seamless and easy to use interface.


A cloud-based application built on today’s best technology, enables all administrative roles, including automated payments directly to the providers and acts as the marketplace for both providers and employees.

Quality Care

Our solution establishes a better relationship for your employees with their “first line” providers ensuring that their healthcare interests are in alignment. Providers are fully committed to keeping their patients satisfied by providing good customer service and excellent medical care.

Redefining the Healthcare Marketplace

Beacon HealthCare Benefits is a technology and customer service company that connects employers, their employees, and providers in the most efficient way possible in order to create a free market for healthcare services.

Our solution, Beacon Health Connect is an employer-sponsored healthcare option offering employees quality and savings on frequently utilized services.  This is made possible by our cloud-based application and commitment to customer service. Our competitive marketplace not only lowers costs but delivers improved care for your employees.

Why Employers are Choosing Beacon Health Connect


In a free marketplace, prices for services become more competitive as providers compete for your business. Paying providers directly via our platform eliminates the cost associated with using 3rd party payors.

A Better Option

Great employees are increasingly difficult to find and keep. Employers that utilize  Beacon Health Connect have great news for their team: low-cost, quality healthcare is here.

Healthier Employees

Care avoidance due to cost and the unknown has become a real problem. Employees using Beacon Health Connect seek care earlier due to their improved doctor relationship and without the fear of an outrageous bill.

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