How it works:

1.  You tell us how much you want to spend on each employee for health benefits.

2.  We draft that amount from your account each month and add 100% of that cash to each Employee’s cash balance on our platform.

3.  Employees select the health services they want:

Direct Primary Care Subscription (unlimited access to a doctor)

Healthshare Membership (caps out of pocket medical expenses)

Episodic Care (Specialist visit and other one-time expenses)

4.  Your dollar buys 30-40% more in services because providers are paid directly.


1.  You have 100% control of your health benefits expense this year, next year, and in all following years.

2.  Your spend goes a lot further.

3.  Your employees are happier because they get to control how the money is spent.

4.  Your employees are healthier because they get better care.

5.  You get what you pay for: employees cannot spend the money on anything but a valid healthcare expense.


We charge $20/month per employee (family members are free).