Transparency and Choice

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Healthcare costs.

Our Solution

Transparency and Choice

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Our Solution

Better Health. Better Care.

Changing Healthcare
Through Transparency and Choice.

Our Solution

Directly Connecting Employers, Providers and Patients

Our solution is a membership model that provides for transparency and choice that is so desperately needed in today’s traditional healthcare system. The model utilizes a technology platform and customer service personnel to deliver a free market solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to promote choice for patients, there is no cost for providers to join.

We have a simple enrollment application, mostly filled with details about your services and prices that we will share with patients.

The employees customize their own personal health plan. The only thing that you need to do is send us a spreadsheet and determine how much you are willing to spend.

Our platform is free to doctors. They only have to agree to be fully transparent with their prices and services in a free market.  If they are not willing to do that then you will have to change doctors.

You never pay anything for routine services such as primary care.  Your employer will determine your out of pocket costs for other services.  However, you will be able to see and research all of the prices, so you will always know what you will have to pay.   Because doctors compete for your business in our platform, your healthcare costs should be significantly lower.

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