Dedicated to Creating and Maintaining a Free Market for Healthcare by Providing Transparency and Choice.

Beacon Health Benefits, Inc. was founded in 2018 by socially responsible entrepreneurs with a passion for fixing healthcare in the U.S.  Everyone at Beacon is committed to changing the status quo by making healthcare affordable again.  We are not a benefits broker.  We are a revolution.

Our mission is to radically change how employers deliver healthcare benefits to their employees.  By connecting employees directly to their healthcare providers and cutting out all of the middlemen, we can provide them with better care at a lower cost.  We do this using an online marketplace for health services where the employee can make informed choices based on transparent pricing.  Our services are always available to individuals and families without an employer-sponsored plan.

It takes a community to revolutionize healthcare.  Our founders are joined by a team of dedicated industry experts from the fields of healthcare, finance, technology, operational excellence, and consumer engagement.  Together, we are setting out to fix a badly broken system using technology, innovation, integrity, and an unswerving dedication to putting our customers first.

“If you are finding your healthcare costs unaffordable, take a risk.  Try something new.  It might be the future.” – Bruce Maxwell, C.E.O.