New Patient Mix

Providers name their price for sustainability and Payers pay-in-full for quality healthcare services.

Optimize Revenue

Connecting providers and payers in the most direct way possible, eliminating the current status-quo of traditional payor systems.

Care Innovation

Providers are able to deliver predictable value to employer plans and are rewarded for keeping people healthy through wellness.

Optimize Your Practice

Beacon Health Connect makes it easy to list and promote services and start receiving new, full-pay patients. We work with self-insured employers who seek providers that are willing to be fully transparent with pricing and services offered so their employees can compare and choose what’s best for them.

  • Receive direct automated payments from Employer
  • Direct marketing to employees via the platform
  • More time available to practice healthcare
  • Increased job satisfaction for you and your staff

Our Philosophy

Transparent Pricing

Direct contracting via our platform is a great way for providers to deliver high quality value-based healthcare to employers and their employees.

Free-Market Principals

Providers set their own sustainable rates and we market them to employers who incentivize their employees.

Financially Responsible

Beacon Health Connect pays Providers automatically through the platform and is 100% predictable with respect to when and how much.

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