The physicians that participate in Beacon Health Connect are the same providers you know and trust.  Any provider can join, it’s free as long as they agree to be transparent with pricing.  Doctors get rewarded for providing better patient care.


We create optimal choice by allowing any provider to use our platform as long as they are fully transparent with their pricing and services offered. At the same time, we allow every healthcare provider to be fully independent so that employees can match their unique needs with the uniqueness of a provider.


With Beacon Health Connect you create an individual health solution, then compare and choose your doctor. Since doctors compete for your business on our platform, your healthcare costs should be significantly lower. You never pay out of pocket for routine services such as primary care.

Making of a Free-Marketplace

As consumers, we look for the best value by shopping and comparing prices. Why not for healthcare too? We created a transparent free marketplace that allows employers to fund healthcare benefits, individually customized by you, with payments going directly from your employer to the providers.

Our marketplace allows for maximum choice by not charging doctors to enroll plus they can advertise their services for free. The model produces cost savings by cutting down on a large amount of administration costs, while the transparency and choice inherent in the platform also enable you to receive better care.

Patients Are Why We’re Here

The Help You Deserve

Everyone at Beacon is committed to changing the status quo and our goal of putting healthcare first. Our only purpose is to provide excellent customer service and to maintain the integrity of our transparent free-market model.

The Services You Need

Having a membership with your “first line” providers ensures that their interests are aligned with yours. They are fully committed to keeping their members by providing good customer service and excellent medical care.

Shopping Transformed

Patients use our seamless technology platform to compare and choose a provider based on their services, prices, availability, and location. Providers can advertise and promote themselves on the same platform.

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