Individuals and Families

How it works:

1.  You tell us how much you want to allocate to health services each month.

2.  We draft that amount from your account and add 100% of that cash to your balance on our platform.

3.  You select the health services you want:

Direct Primary Care Subscription (unlimited access to a doctor)

Healthshare Membership (caps out of pocket medical expenses)

Episodic Care (Specialist visit and other one-time expenses)

4.  Your dollar buys 30-40% more in services because providers are paid directly.


1.  You can spend as little, or as much, as you want: you are in control.

2.  Your money goes a lot further.

3.  You are likely to feel healthier because you will get better care.

4.  You can draw funds from a checking account, an HSA, HRA, or FSA.

5.  Any money you don’t spend is always available for future needs.


We charge $40/month per head of household (family members are free).