Transparency & Choice

How Does It Work?

A cloud-based application built on today’s best technology is simple in principle but sophisticated in nature. Connecting all of the engaged users in a seamless and easy to use interface. The application enables all administrative roles, including automated payments directly to the providers and acts as the marketplace for both providers and employees.

Better Care

More than just a lower price.  Membership establishes a better relationship with your “first line” providers ensuring that their interests are aligned with yours. They are fully committed to keeping their members by providing good customer service and excellent medical care.  Quality is the key to value, but convenience is important as well. We have a growing number of providers in the Charlotte greater area.

Trusted Providers

Beacon Health Connect works with value providers in your market that you already know and trust. Our solution allows for maximum choice by not charging providers to join or participate in our model. Our platform is also free for doctors to advertise their services. They only have to agree to be fully transparent with their pricing and services offered.

Ready to take control of your healthcare spend?